Maserati Quattroporte vs Ghibli

Maserati Quattroporte vs Ghibli – We Compare All Aspects

Maserati Quattroporte vs Ghibli Model Comparison

In the world of high-performance luxury sedans, Maserati has two offerings for the discerning car enthusiast-the Ghibli and the Quattroporte. Both cars can boast the long and prestigious heritage of the Maserati brand, not to mention the high degree of craftsmanship that goes into each Maserati vehicle today. So what, then, separates these two vehicles?

In this post, we’re going to pit the Maserati Quattroporte vs Ghibli in an in-house head-to-head, examining the differences between the two, as well their individual strengths and weaknesses. Let’s dive in!

Maserati Quattroporte vs Ghibli – A Bit of History

First hitting the market in the early 1960s, the Maserati Quattroporte filled a specific niche in the market-luxury four-door sedans with big engines. It would succeed in this goal, becoming very popular around the world, and has been a staple of the Maserati lineup ever since.

It wouldn’t long after the Quattroporte came to market that Maserati would debut the Ghibli. The Maserati Ghibli has gone through a number of variations, such as a two-door coupe, and, of course, a four-door sedan.

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Maserati Ghibli

The Quattroporte boasts more power under the hood (more on that later), though some of that additional power is mitigated by the fact that the Ghibli is lighter.

In terms of exterior styling, there isn’t a great deal to distinguish the Ghibli from the Quattroporte, since both use the same design language. While this means that it can be hard to separate the two from a visual standpoint, it also means that both cars benefit from the sleek sports car aesthetic while still essentially being a practical sedan.

Maserati Ghibli vs Quattroporte – Size

Given the fact that both of these cars are born of the same design language and history, one of the first differences you’ll notice between the two is the size. The Ghibli is the smaller of the two, clocking in at a length of 195.7 inches to the Quattroporte’s 207.2 inches. This doesn’t translate to an increase in width, however, as both cars are essentially the same (with 0.1 inches).

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Maserati Quattroporte

As you might expect, the Quattroporte has a longer wheelbase at 124.8 inches to the Ghibli’s shorter 118 inches. These size differences translate to a slight weight difference, with the Ghibli weighing in at 3,990 lbs, and the Quattroporte tipping the scales at 4,101 lbs.

Maserati Quattroporte vs Ghibli – Engine

Both the Ghibli and the Quattroporte are packing a twin-turbo V6, but, as we mentioned earlier, the Quattroporte boasts a little more power. You can expect to get as much as 424 bhp out of the Quattroporte, while the Ghibli can produce a more modest-yet still very respectable-435 bhp. In terms of torque, you can expect to get a beefy 428 lb-ft from the Quattroporte, and 369 lb-ft from the Ghibli.

In terms of practical application, these differences translate to a top speed of 166 mph for the Ghibli, and 179 mph for the Quattroporte. Additionally, the Ghibli records an extra half-second 0-62 mph time, taking 5.5 seconds to the Quattroporte’s 5 seconds.

Strangely, fuel economy is more or less the same across both cars, with the Ghibli performing marginally better in city driving. On average, you can expect around 19 miles to the gallon from both cars, with that figure jumping to 24 miles to the gallon for highway driving.

Maserati Ghibli vs Quattroporte – On the Road

Obviously, if you are looking for the most power and speed from your car, the Quattroporte is going to be your best bet between the two. However, the Quattroporte’s bigger size and higher weight do make a difference when it comes to driving.

Maserati Quattroporte vs Ghibli
Maserati Ghibli

While the Quattroporte doesn’t feel bigger or heavier in a straight light-thanks to that additional power-the Ghibli does feel a little more responsive when navigating tricky bends or making your way through inner-city traffic.

This is not to say that the Quattroporte feels clumsy or numb-it is a very responsive car for its size-but there is a noticeable difference between the two. If you like the most responsive drive you can get, that might be something to consider if you’re choosing between these two.

Maserati Quattroporte vs Ghibli – Cost

There are differences in the vehicles themselves, so there were bound to be differences in the price. A base model Quattroporte will set you back around $115,000. In contrast, a base model Ghibli will cost you a little over $75,000.

Maserati Quattroporte vs Ghibli
Maserati Quattroporte

That’s a substantial difference in price, and, while we can say you do get a lot of extra cars for your money, whether that justifies the higher price tag will mostly come down to what you want from your vehicle.

There are, of course, different versions of both cars, and the one you choose will affect the price. For example, the Ghibli Trofeo will cost you around $115,000-the same as a base model Quattroporte. That being said, the Quattroporte Trofeo lands on the expensive side of $150,000.

Rounding Up – Maserati Ghibli vs Quattroporte

If you were hoping this post would explicitly tell you which of these two cars is best for you personally, we’re going to have to disappoint you. Unfortunately, there are just too many subjective variables involved to say that one car is simply the “better” model.

Maserati Quattroporte vs Ghibli
Maserati Ghibli Interior

We can say that the Quattroporte is objectively better if you want the fastest car. We can say the Ghibli is objectively better if you want the most compact car. It all depends on your personal circumstances and preferences. If the lowest price is of the utmost importance, it’s going to be the Ghibli.

What we can say with confidence is that both cars benefit from the same attention to detail, stunning looks, excellent craftsmanship, and heritage. If you have narrowed your choice down to one of these Maserati’s, you can be sure of getting a premium luxury vehicle that is very comfortable and has a lot of power. The advantage here is that you can focus on those subjective differences, and choose the model that truly best suits your tastes and situation.

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