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Porsche Singer Seats: Why They Are So Special

If you have been around Porsche enthusiasts long enough and on the internet, you will almost certainly have heard of Porsche Singer seats. Even if only in passing. It’s perfectly fine if you had no clue what people were talking about because, despite their frequency of discussion, they are exceedingly uncommon.

What are Singer seats, what makes them special, and are they deserving of their hefty price tag and high level of esteem in the community? I’m going to answer all of that and more.

We will cover what makes Porsche Singer seats unique, their benefits and drawbacks, their cost, and some alternate seats for those who feel they aren’t quite right for you and your Porsche. Let’s jump right into it.


  • Porsche Singer seats are custom-designed seats used in Singer-modified Porsche 911s.
  • Singer Vehicle Design specializes in restoring and modifying classic Porsche 911s, offering bespoke sports cars.
  • These seats are custom-built to the owner’s specifications, combining classic Porsche 911 styling with modern ergonomics and performance.
  • Porsche Singer seats are known for their high-quality craftsmanship, premium materials, and customization options.
  • They prioritize aesthetics and luxury performance features, making them highly desirable among Porsche enthusiasts.
  • Drawbacks include slightly reduced safety.
  • Prices for Porsche Singer seats vary widely, depending on factors like materials and customization.
  • Alternatives to Singer seats include GTS Classics, Recaro aftermarket seats and Sparco racing seats, which focus more on comfort and performance.

What are Porsche Singer Seats?

When people talk about Porsche Singer seats, they normally refer to custom-designed seats used in the Singer-modified Porsche 911. Porsche Singers are designed by the Singer Vehicle Design company, which specializes in restoring and modifying classic Porsche 911s. We’re not just talking about P1 Designs seat inserts here.

They don’t create ‘new vehicles’ per se; they take old ones and completely reimagine them, stripping them down to a bare shell. Creating unique and highly sought-after bespoke sports cars. It seems as if they technically have Porsche’s blessing to do this, though they clearly state on their website that they have no affiliation with Porsche and they’re running their own restoration company.

porsche singer seats

But for the most part, Porsche seems to have been good sports about it. We are here to talk about the seats created especially for all Singer vehicles. The seats used in Porsche Singer 911s are typically custom-built to the owner’s specifications, taking into consideration their preferences for design, materials, comfort, and even body size/shape.

These seats are often designed with a combination of modern techniques and materials and vintage aesthetics, combining classic Porsche 911 styling with modern ergonomics and performance. In theory, they are the best of both worlds.

What Makes Porsche Singer Seats Unique?

Porsche Singer seats are known for their high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, just as Porsche is in general. So, what makes their seats unique? Well, they are typically upholstered in premium materials, just as regular Porsche seats are: premium leather, that kind of stuff.

But what Singer does differently is often adjusting the style of the seats to match what would be considered the classic Porsche look but with a modern touch. Whereas most Porsche seats nowadays have seemingly lost some of their flair and style and actually intend to be lighter, more comfortable, and far safer.

porsche singer seats rear

Singer doesn’t quite have the same priorities. Some seats may feature intricate stitching patterns, unique embossing, or custom color combinations to match the overall theme of the car’s interior that Porsche would not be willing to do themselves given they are manufacturing cars in bulk, not specifically for one individual’s wants, needs, and taste.

The seats are also designed to be very supportive and comfortable for the driver but with a larger focus on looking cool, classic, making them both functional and feel early-days-Porsche-luxurious with modern design language. Due to Singer’s customization and artisanal nature, Porsche Singer seats are considered highly desirable among Porsche enthusiasts and collectors.

porsche singer seats

Even seats that may have been designed specifically for another individual can often become highly valuable and sought after simply because they are one of a kind.

They are often talked about specifically because they are one of the only interior aspects of a Singer Porsche 911 that can be transferred from car to car (even though this probably almost never happens).

The Benefits & Drawbacks Of Porsche Singer Seats

Porsche Singer seats are great because they look great. The whole idea is that they are unique and luxurious and look expensive. Sure, they are also comfortable, but given how far we have come with modern seat designs, they are a lot less “safe” in some ways than modern seats.

Therefore, you could consider their reduced safety (and in some cases even reduced comfort in favor of style) as tangible drawbacks to installing Porsche Singer seats in your 911.

1. Aesthetically pleasing.1. Reduced safety compared to modern seats.
2. Unique design and luxurious appearance.2. May offer reduced comfort in favor of style.
3. Enhances the overall look of the car.
Porsche Singer Seats Benefits/Drawbacks Table

How Much Are They & Is It Worth It?

The cost of Porsche Singer seats is a hard one to apply a figure to because these seats are only available to Singer customers who are building an entire car. They can cost several, even tens of thousands, on top of the couple of hundred thousand to million or so dollars you’d already be paying for the car. It will depend on when the seats were made, who they were made for, what material was used, etc.

porsche singer seats

There are many variables to consider, but at the same time, pricing individual seats outside of the car they were built for is almost pointless, as these owners would never be parting out their cars.

It sounds like a lot of money, but you can’t forget they have been specially handmade for your exact body shape and driver specifications; it suddenly doesn’t seem so absurd anymore.

If you want something similar and a bit more affordable, that’s when people start looking towards a company like GTS Classics to see what they can do for you. Their granturismo seat is pretty spot on for what you’d get in a Singer, and prices start from a mere $1,595 USD.

Alternatives To Porsche Singer Seats?

If you are looking for cheaper seats that focus on comfort and performance and still look as beautifully designed as Porsche Singer seats, then there are a few alternative manufacturers you could consider. For example, Recaro aftermarket seats can be ordered especially for Porsches and will only cost about $2000 per seat.

porsche singer seats
Seats By Singer (Not GTS Classics)

Only. Furthermore, you could look into Sparco racing seats, which again focus on comfort and performance; not to say they are as comfortable as Singer, but they will only cost about $400-$500 per seat. There are plenty of options out there for those willing to shop around.

And lastly, not to forget, the brand we mentioned earlier, GTS Classics, they have some fantastic alternatives that are much more affordable from around $1,000+ and $1,595 for my favorite one, the Granturismo seat.

Our Verdict On Singer Seats

As you can see, Porsche Singer Seats are pretty cool and unique. It is hard to put a finite price or description on them purely because they come in (literally) all shapes, sizes, and designs for a variety of functions.

If you manage to somehow find a set that you like the look and feel of, and they actually fit your Porsche, then why not? Though it would be an extremely rare opportunity. That is one of the most cost-efficient ways to get a Singer seat.

porsche singer seats

Rather than ordering your own fully reimagined 911 directly from Singer Designs, which would cost considerably more. The best route to go down, unless your budget allows for a 911 Singer allocation, would be to go for one of the alternatives we mentioned above.

Now we’ve given you everything there is to know about Porsche Singer seats, be sure to check out the other great content we are coming out with all the time, and we hope to see you again soon. Cheers!

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