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Porsche Smoking Package: What Exactly Is It?

The term smoker package or smoking package in the context of vehicles usually refers to an optional extra that includes features for smokers. It also often means features for those who wish to have designated areas for smoking in their car.

It used to be a lot more common, especially in taxis, though it still does see some use even in 2023. While Porsche, like many other car manufacturers, offers a smoking package, some vehicles may not have optional accessories that cater to smokers.

Unsurprisingly, it isn’t as common in electric or hybrid vehicles anymore. This blog post will cover everything about what smoking packages normally include, what Porsche includes in theirs, why Porsche has copped some flack for their smoking package recently, and a few other tidbits of interest regarding Porsche’s smoking packages.

There is more going on here than you might think; we have some thoughts on the future of smoking packages that might be of interest to you. Without further adieu, let’s dive right into it.


  • A smoking package in the context of vehicles typically includes optional features for smokers or designated areas for smoking within the car.
  • Smoking packages have become less common in modern vehicles due to changing attitudes toward smoking and a focus on creating smoke-free environments.
  • Porsche offers a smoking package with varying features, which can include an ashtray, cigarette lighter, ventilation system, and cupholder adapter.
  • Porsche has received some criticism for its smoking package, as it features a center console compartment that is practical but labeled as part of the smoking package, potentially discouraging non-smokers from choosing it.

What The Smoking Package Includes

A smoking package, again, if it is available, typically includes accessories and features designed to accommodate smokers or provide designated areas for smoking within the vehicle.

However, it’s important to remember that smoking packages are becoming less common in modern vehicles due to changing attitudes towards smoking and the focus on creating smoke-free environments.

It should come as no surprise that just like electric vehicles, family-orientated vehicles are becoming less smoker-centric. This doesn’t really apply to 99% of Porsches, but it’s worth knowing nonetheless.

The specific contents of a smoking package can vary depending on the manufacturer and model; even within Porsche, they have tended to vary quite significantly over the years. Here are some of the most common smoking package features that you might find in your Porsche.

  • Ashtray: A removable or built-in container designed for holding cigarette ashes and stubs; some are smell-proof, but most are not.
  • Cigarette Lighter: An electrical outlet used to ignite cigarettes. In some cases, the cigarette lighter may be replaced with a 12-volt power outlet for charging electronic devices like mobile phones. These are less common in Porsches in general and especially so in newer models.
  • Ventilation System: Some smoking packages include a specialized ventilation system or air purifier designed to help remove smoke and odors from the vehicle’s interior. This is common in sedans and not so typical in sports cars. So, you are unlikely to have one in your Porsche smoking package, but they are still occasionally available.
  • Cupholder Adapter: Some smoking packages include a cupholder adapter that can hold an ashtray or accommodate a cup-style ashtray. These are actually surprisingly common for Porsche because they can be removed, and most of the smell can be taken with them!

It’s worth mentioning again that the availability of a smoking package or smoking-related accessories can vary between Porsches.

Suppose you are specifically interested in a smoking package for a Porsche. In that case, it is best to start by contacting your Porsche dealership or checking their website pages for the specific car model you are interested in.

They shouldn’t be expensive, but since they are actively trying to move away from them (at least in America), they are a little steep for most people’s taste.

Bad Press For The Smoking Packages Lately

Historically, smoking packages have been a common accessory for most vehicles. The attitudes towards smoking, smokers, and smoking around children or enclosed spaces have changed drastically over the past decade.

The reason Porsche copped some flack recently is actually kind of funny and has almost nothing to do with smoking. However, it is entirely to do with the package. Does that sound like nonsense? Let me explain.

porsche smoking package

Basically, there has been this thing starting with the Taycan where you can opt into the package, and one of the things they do is change the middle console to include a little door that is intended to be used as an ashtray/trashcan/whatever.

Makes sense; if you are smoking and driving, you need somewhere easy to access to store your cigarette stubs. But most people don’t smoke, and most people who ask for the smoking package don’t smoke, so what gives?

It basically boils down to the fact that this smoking compartment door in the center console looks better, is more practical, and removes the large amount of dead space that is otherwise sitting there.

Porsche has been getting some heat from this because the term smoking package seems a little outdated, and you might actually scare some people away who want the package but don’t want the label of a smoker.

You also are indirectly encouraging people to smoke and drive. Which, if we are all being honest and rational, is not a good thing. You shouldn’t be doing things that distract you from the road.

We all do it. Some people do it with their phones, which is the worst, but most of us do it by drinking, eating fast food, messing around with our GPS, you name it.

Smoking is not only a distraction but causes cancer, lowers the value of your car dramatically, and let’s not forget you are dealing with what amounts to an open flame within an enclosed space. What gives with that?

What The Future Holds For The Smoking Package

It feels like smoking packages are on the way out. Apart from a very small number of countries that make up Porsche’s global market (literally just France), every country is seeing a massive decline in smokers year on year.

Why would Porsche, or any other car manufacturer, keep making smoking packages if there is no demand and the general public is not overly impressed with their supporting smoking while driving?

The answer is they probably won’t. What will actually happen is that, hopefully, manufacturers will make changes to their vehicles (like the console container on the Taycan) to improve the storage, look, and feel of the car’s interior.

Besides, most 12v cigarette lighters are already being replaced with USB charging ports, even in the 2022 Atlas interior, so this shouldn’t come as a huge surprise.

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