The Stunning Porsche Miami Blue Color

The incredible Miami blue color from Porsche has been iconic in the world of cars, and even motor racing, for about 15 years. And unfortunately, it may look like it is coming to an end. At least that’s what the rumor mill has been saying for a while now.

Is the Miami blue color coming to an end? Can a color even “end”? And what will Porsche be releasing to placate the Porsche fans who have seen the Miami blue color long associated with Porsche and Porsche racing as a fundamental part of the brand? This handy blog post is going to cover all of that and more.

Background Info For The Miami Blue Color From Porsche

The Miami blue color from Porsche was, quite accurately, named after the light but deep blue that is associated with Miami. Whether it’s the Miami surf, the Miami Dolphins, or the pastel-colored houses that fill Dade county Porsche has really hit the nail on the head here.

It is well established that the Miami blue color from Porsche is one of the best steps Porsche has taken to modernize their brand and move away from the classics that are silver, yellow, and black. The Miami blue color is designed to make the commute less boring, the track day more thrilling, and to turn the head of everyone you pull up alongside at the traffic lights. And it does so wonderfully.

What Models Of Porsche Have Used The Miami Blue Color

Miami blue has been used by Porsche since 2013 and has only recently been announced that it will be removed from circulation (for future models – don’t worry they aren’t going to hunt down pre-existing Porsches to get their paint back).

There have only been 5 Porsches that use Miami blue. But each type has a number of models so your choices aren’t as limited as you might think at first. The cars that came with the Miami blue color as an option from new are as follows:

  • Porsche Race Cars (including LeMans 24-hour race) – 2013
  • Porsche 911 – 2017-2021
  • Porsche Boxster – 2018-2022
  • Porsche Cayman – 2018-2022
  • Porsche Macan – 2019-2023

The Miami Blue Color Code – Can It Be Replicated?

Now, Porsche may have begun to phase out their Miami blue color (ending with the next year) but that doesn’t mean this paint will be impossible to get. Well, sort of. Porsche has released the color codes for the Miami blue color which means that it is technically for body shops and savvy individuals to re-create the Miami blue we have all grown to know and love.

Now, it won’t technically be the official color. But it will be pretty darn close. Pretty darn close meaning it’s identical but Porsche didn’t make it. If you choose to divulge that fact to people who ask, fair enough. But no one will be able to tell unless you tell them.

The color code for the Miami blue color from Porsche is: M5C

How Rare Is The Miami Blue Color?

The Miami blue color isn’t super common. As we mentioned above, there are only 5 different vehicles in the world you can get it on. But there are about 20 models in total and it’s not like any of them were limited editions or anything crazy like that. Unless you count the race cars.

However, given that the color has now been discontinued by Porsche it is only going to become rarer and rarer. Watch out as over the next 5 to 10 years Porsches that came in the Miami blue color become rarer and more coveted. Who knows, they may even start to demand a huge price simply because of their color. But no one can know for sure and buying a Porsche purely for the Miami blue color with the intention to flip it for profit is not a sound business decision!

When Did The Miami Blue Color Become Unavailable?

The Miami blue color from Porsche was discontinued towards the end of 2022. Even people who had ordered their Porsche, signed the contract and picked the color, may have retroactively had their car’s color changed. It is not uncommon to hear people complaining to Porsche that they wanted the old Miami blue color not whatever the new color they replace it with will be.

The last vehicle to use the Miami blue color was the Porsche Macan as they technically will still allow you to choose it for vehicles being delivered next year. However, some people are starting to see their orders changed to the new blue. Which is bound to peeve a few people off before this whole ordeal is behind us. Are lawsuits on the horizon? More likely just some refunds.

What Did Porsche Replace The Miami Blue Color With?

Porsche hasn’t released the new Miami blue color alternative yet. Chances are they are hoping to transition quietly coming into the new year before they make major announcements about what it might be. According to some first-hand reports of Porsche dealerships explaining the last-minute adjustments on Porsche owner-to-be’s contracts the new blue that replaces the Miami blue (yes it’s still going to be blue) is almost identical. Note the word almost. It’s bound to be somewhat different, but only time will tell just how different it will really be.


So, will the successor to the iconic Miami blue color from Porsche live up to the very high standards Porsche owners and fans have set out for the brand? Probably not. At least not at first. If Porsche simply discontinued the blue with the desire to start releasing new colors that would be one thing but outright replacing it? That’s a mistake.

It is just going to upset people and there really is no need. The Miami blue color is so quintessentially Porsche that it is almost like trying to pass off another brand as their own. Why move away from the classics? Would Ford give up their Ford blue? Ferrari their red? No. They wouldn’t.

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