2007 acura tl

2007 Acura TL Review – Supremely Competent

2007 was a good year, the release of the iPhone, Britney Spears’ mental breakdown, and the 2007 Acura TL. This car was everything you could want and more. It had a competent engine that got you where you needed to go, an interior that felt luxurious, and exterior styling that turned heads. Plus, it was affordable enough for most people to afford without breaking the bank.

The TL is a supremely competent front driver that shares much of its engineering with the Honda Accord (and is constructed beside it at Honda’s Marysville, Ohio assembly plant). It comes equipped with nearly the most complete list of standard equipment in its class.

2007 acura tl

Few entry-level luxury cars come equipped with the features that the 2007 Acura TL does. The TL is an excellent pick in general, being well-built and incredibly simple to live with as an everyday companion.  We find out why.

2007 Acura TL Review

Acura eventually cemented its position in the midsize luxury market with the debut of the uniquely styled and meticulously crafted third-generation TL in 2004.   It’s always been a reliable performer, and with the arrival of the performance-oriented Type-S, things will only get better in 2007.

A 286 HP, 3.5-liter version of Acura’s SOHC 24-valve VTEC V6 thumps away under the hood. The Type-all-independent S’s suspension is tuned to match, along with large Brembo disc brakes and a very aggressive design. It quickly establishes itself as the Acura TL to be desired. 

2007 acura tl

It’s also the only way to buy a TL if you want the six-speed manual transmission with limited-slip differential or paddle shifters instead of the five-speed automatic transmission that’s already available.

On the other hand, the ordinary old TL is an excellent environment in which to survive a daily commute. There’s enough space in the trunk to hold the lighting section of a large Home Depot, and the front seats are among the most comfortable in any car. 

2007 acura tl

After a three-year sabbatical, the performance-oriented 2007 Acura TL Type-S trim level has returned to the lineup. It is fitted with a 3.5-liter SOHC 32-valve VTEC-equipped V6 engine that produces 286 horsepower and Brembo performance front and rear disc brakes, among other things. 

Aside from that, when the Type-S is equipped with the five-speed automatic transmission, it receives an exclusive front fascia, quad tailpipes, 17-inch wheels, and paddle shifters for the automatic transmission. The ordinary TL has been updated with a new exterior style and a revamped center stack and instrument panel, which is now standard. 

2007 acura tl

The six-speed manual transmission and Brembo brakes are now only available on the Type-S variant, which was formerly available on all models.  The stereo is so good that it almost serves as a justification for purchasing the car. All of the switches and controls operate with precision, the engine runs with utter serenity while still managing to have an engaging character, and all of the controls work with precision.

The 2007 Acura TL Interior

The inside of the TL luxury sport sedan is one of the best in its class, boasting an exquisite design, excellent material quality, and well-shaped seats, among other things. 

2007 acura tl interior

The cockpit features a beautiful two-tone color scheme, metal inlays, and an eye-catching set of electroluminescent gauges in vibrant blue color.

2007 acura tl interior

There is sufficient space in the back seat for a pair of adults, and the trunk has a capacity of 12.5 cu-ft for storage.

2007 Acura TL Drivability

TL and TL Type-S receive suspension improvements for the 2007 model year, respectively. When combined, the result is a sharper and more controlled car, without the harshness typically associated with the sporty tune.  All of its competitors have been driven, and the TL is by far the smoothest operator on all sorts of surfaces.

2007 acura tl

The 2007 Acura TL Type-S is only a little edgier, but it is still well within acceptable limits.  On the other hand, the front-wheel-drive configuration is likely to frustrate serious driving enthusiasts, as it precludes the car from being as entertaining to drive as rival sport sedans such as the BMW 3 Series and Infiniti G35, which are available as options.

Sedans equipped with the base engine, which produces 258 horsepower from a 3.2-liter V6, are fitted with a five-speed automated transmission with sequential manual shifting that powers the front wheels. 

The 2007 Acura TL Type-S is powered by a 3.5-liter version of the same V6 that produces 286 horsepower and is connected to either a six-speed manual transmission with a limited-slip differential or a five-speed automatic transmission which comes fitted with paddle shifters for manual use.

2007 Acura TL Specs

The 2007 Acura TL is a midsize luxury sport sedan positioned as an entry-level luxury sport sedan with two options of trim level to choose from: the standard TL and the Type-S. 

2007 acura tl

Moonroof, heated side mirrors, automated headlights, leather upholstery, power front seats with memory and heating, dual-zone temperature control with HomeLink, and complete power accessories are standard on the base TL as well as an incredible ELS Surround Premium eight-speaker sound system with DVD audio functionality. 

A satellite-based navigation system with a rearview camera and voice recognition capability, as well as Acura’s “AcuraLink” real-time traffic reporting system, is the only available option.  Performance tires and stronger brakes are all standard on the Type-S. The TL Type-S also has an upgraded engine, sport-tuned suspension, and performance tires and brakes.

2007 acura tl rear

It is equipped with a navigation system, and the interior is decorated in aluminum and imitation carbon fiber rather than fake wood.  Special sport seats provide extra lateral support, and the LED instrumentation is illuminated in red and blue.

There are four exhaust outlets on the outside, and the unique 17-inch wheels, front grille, and other trim all have a dark matte finish.  On the inside, the front fascia has a deeper front air dam, and the side skirts are more pronounced. There is also a decklid spoiler, and the taillights are illuminated with LED brilliance.

2007 Acura TL Problems

The 2007 Acura TL’s primary areas of complaint remain the interior accessories, although there are also user concerns about electrical issues and the powertrain.  The most common electrical system concerns are the battery dying overnight, the car losing power, the car being unable to turn, and the car losing power while driving.

2007 acura tl

The battery dying overnight is a common problem that can be repaired for around $200 by replacing the relay or disconnecting the faulty Bluetooth module.  Transmission issues in this vehicle are primarily related to hesitation during transmission and constant vibration during operation, with the most common solution costing around $2,500 and occurring at around 66,000 miles.

2007 Acura TL Price

Prices on the 2007 Acura TL will be dependent on the year, mileage, model, optional features, and condition of the vehicle. Prices will range from $1,840.00 for a rough trade-in and can retail all the way up to $6,249.00 at a dealer for one that is in outstanding condition. 

2007 acura tl


The 2007 Acura TL indeed comes with some restrictions, but for many customers, these restraints are of the sort that isn’t bothersome.  A very spacious and well-appointed cabin, great handling for a relatively large front-drive sedan with a sweet-natured V6 engines mated to outstanding transmissions, a fantastic sound system, and excellent crash-test results.

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