What’s The Difference Between EJ6, EK4, and EK9?

The EJ6, EK4, and EK9 are vehicles that crop up quite a lot in online forums or car meets when discussing some of the favorites that Honda has put out over the years. All three of these excellent vehicles deserve the time in the spotlight.

But which is best? What are the key differences between the three? And if you had to choose, be it based on best value or best vehicle, which one would you have to go? This blog post answers all of that and more.

What Are The EJ6, EK4, and EK9 from Honda?

Just in case you aren’t familiar with these cars already, all three of the EJ6, EK4, and EK9 are different versions of the very well-known Honda Civic. If you don’t know what a Honda Civic is, then really the question should be why are you reading this article? The Honda Civic has seen an absurd amount of reiterations and remodels over the years.

The line first hit the market in 1972 and we expect a new Honda Civic hybrid to roll off the production line and straight into the streets at the end of this year (2022). So, there should be no surprise that there are some pretty major differences in this vehicle line. Stylistically and functionally all three of the EJ6, EK4, and EK9 are very similar.

However, there are some pretty major differences that differentiate the three from not only each other but the rest of the pack. This is only natural given how vast the Honda Civic family is, as we just established.

Summary Of The Honda Civic EJ6

The Honda EJ6 is a sixth-series Honda Civic that was designed expressly for the US market. It was manufactured and sold between 1996 and 2000 and featured a D16Y8 engine capable of producing 115 brake horsepower.

The EJ6 utilized a front-mounted VTEC 4-cylinder engine and was available as either two, three, or four-door. And, as a fun fact, the 1999 EJ6 EX Civic was the first to offer a CD player as standard rather than a cassette tape. How times have changed!

Summary Of The Honda Civic EK4

The EK4 is another sixth-series Honda Civic that was this time developed as a Japanese domestic market vehicle (JDM). The EK4 utilizes a 1.6 B16A2 engine and can produce an outstanding 160 brake horsepower.

The Ek4 is a VTI SiR which is likely part of the reason that the EK4 is also the domestic model for Europe (EDM) and Australia. It is quite uncommon for Europe and Japan to share the same specs as their regulations are quite different.

Summary Of The Honda Civic EK9

The EK9 is the successor to the EK4 and is pretty similar in its background. It was designed originally for the JDM but was later expanded into Europe and Australia. The EK9 ran from 1997 until 2000 and was immensely popular because of its power and comfort.

Just as the EK4 was a SiR the EK9 is a CTR hatch. The EK9 being the type R version of this Civic comes with a 1.6 liter b16b engine and is capable of producing 185 brake horsepower. Far more than the American counterparts of its time.

The Biggest Differences Between The EJ6, EK4, and EK9

There are obviously some very key differences right off the bat when it comes to engine specs etc. First, let’s talk about what is the same. Body shape, engine mounting, engine size, transmission (4 or 5 speed) and they also weighed pretty much the same amount. About 2500 lbs.

However, this is where their similarities end. Ignoring the reason behind the differences it’s clear that the power and therefore performance between these three cars is quite glaring. The EK9 can run laps around the EJ6 and even its predecessors the EK4.

Which Is Best Out Of The EJ6, EK4, and EK9?

If you want the objectively faster and more powerful vehicle then naturally it’s got to be the EK9. How could it not be when its brake horsepower is so much more? But that only works if you happen to live somwehre4 that the EK9 ever came as standard.

If you are in the US which is best probably doesn’t matter as actually you don’t really have a choice. Not a financially feasible one anyway. You could always import an EK9 but there are simpler modifications you can make easily domestically in the US that are going to be 99% cheaper.

In terms of comfort and sustainability, you could argue that actually, the EJ6 is far more fuel efficient as it is not exactly aiming for explosive power. Nor is it necessarily worse in any way than the Ek4 or EK9 in terms of amenities. After all, you could have a CD player as standard. What a treat!

Which Is The Best Value For Money Out Of The EJ6, EK4, and EK9?

Assuming they are all on a level playing field, you are not looking to import one or the other to a market other than the one it was built for, then the best value for money is probably the EK4. It sits in the middle of the pack in terms of how new it is, how quick it is, etc. But it is actually the right middle ground in terms of age to power that you essentially have the best of both worlds. If you don’t particularly value speed above all else then the EK4 is probably right for you.


So, now you have the key similarities and differences between the Honda Civic EJ6, EK4, and EK9 – do you have strong feelings one way or the other about which is best? Is power and performance all that matters when lining up one car against another? Or are there more factors that come into play?

Whether you value fuel economy the most or how fast you can get from point A to point B you can’t go wrong with either of these three subsets of the Civic family. They are all excellent vehicles that have stood the test of time exceptionally well.

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