Toyota blueprint color

The Stunning Toyota Blueprint Color – Expert Advice And Thoughts

When we pick out the color of a car, it directly becomes a reflection of our personality. How we choose to show ourselves to the world through our color choice is very important. The more vibrant the color, the more eyes it will attract, this also remains true for uniqueness of a color, such as the Toyota Blueprint Color.

But seldom comes a color that can turn heads and one that fits everyone’s bill. Sure, you might think a traditional jet black is already that kind of color. However, over the course of the last few decades, black has faded into obscurity. Sure, it is still popular but it is no longer a “head-turning” color. It is akin to background noise.

Enter, the Toyota Blueprint color, a shade so remarkable, that we ourselves don’t know what to make of it. Is it blue? Is it black? And why is it so popular? Let’s find out!

The Oddity of the Toyota Blueprint Color

The brilliance of this shade of blue lies in the fact that it does not look blue. Yes, the Toyota Blueprint color is unlike any other color. It is a hue of blue, so dark that from certain angles it looks more black than blue.

Toyota blueprint color

Toyota really found a winning combination with this one. The Toyota Blueprint color was so popular that a lot of dealers fielded waitlists for it. As many happy owners that opted for the dazzling Toyota blueprint color, it takes a dark blue hue in regular light, almost black like in the dark, and in the bright sun it takes on a purple hue. The presence of metallic flakes in the paint also gives it a very sparkly brilliance.

While that may be the case of the Toyota blueprint color in one scenario, put the car in a different environment and it looks almost black in the sunlight, resembling the dark and deep blue shade of carbon paper. The blue becomes more prominent when the conditions are overcast.

Toyota blueprint color

The split nature of the Toyota blueprint color’s persona means that this color looks different to everyone, however, we’ve spoken to friends and the team, and they all agree on its striking nature and how it is an absolutely stunning shade. 

Why it’s Not Black Nor is it Blue?

A great question, perhaps Toyota considered this when developing this color. The shade is so dark that it is more black than blue. The Toyota Blueprint color is so distinctly different from any other shade you could find.

Toyota blueprint color

As dealerships found it difficult to accommodate requests, people had to wait for a while before they could get their hands on them. The confusing shade was a sure head-turner, but what’s even more interesting is how the name came to be.

Nomenclature behind the Toyota Blueprint Color

Before the age of computers, almost all the design work for cars was done on sheets of paper. To make copies out of it, carbon paper was used and the resulting stencil took a dark blue/purple-ish shade. That process was called blueprinting. Today modern iterations are done through computers and the color itself is almost nearly extinct.

Unique Enough to be Brilliant

As the color is rare, it turns heads. It almost makes me reminisce on the Midnight Purple 2 color on the old R34 Nissan Skyline GTR and how perplexing and intriguing that color is as it adopted its multiple personalities depending upon the setting that surrounded it.

Toyota blueprint color

People on the streets and in the parking lots are often confused. They are unsure of what color they are looking at. People say, and I tend to agree, from certain angles in direct sunlight it looks as though it is black. And yet, when you move away from it slightly it looks blue again.

Toyota blueprint color

The oddity of the color is what entices people. Others say this color is for those that want a shade of black but are tired of the plain old jet black and want to spice it up a bit. The fact that the color sparkles and dazzles when it is exposed to sunlight makes it even more of a head-turner.

Contrasted with Interiors

Perhaps another interesting segue about this color is that when it is juxtaposed with the interiors, any car with the Toyota blueprint color in their line-up just looks stunning. If you choose the caramel color scheme for the interiors, the mellow tones contrast really well with the dark blue shade.

Toyota blueprint color

And if your Toyota has a sunroof, be sure to let the light in. The brightness of sunlight helps complement the exteriors. This is an aspect that not a lot of people consider when choosing their car colors, but with the Toyota Blueprint color, the choice of interiors becomes important.

It’s tempting to save a few extra dollars by just opting for a standard black interior but it really does enhance your overall experience seeing a nice contrast between the inside and out. It’s definitely something to consider more carefully when opting for the Toyota blueprint color, and to us it’s absolutely fair to justify spending a bit more, since you’ll be seated for countless hours enjoying your choice in the future.

Problems with the Toyota Blueprint Color

A very important thing to consider when you are buying a car with a color that attracts attention is how quickly it gathers dirt. Certain colors are hard to maintain over time and the Toyota blueprint color is one among them. The dark color is a dirt magnet. Or a better way to put it is that they tend to show the dirt more. Therefore, it is absolutely important that you take care and keep it clean. Most owners say the same thing about this color and darker colors in general, that it helps remind them that their car needs a bath. And once it does, it is sure to catch a glance or two.

Toyota blueprint color

A good wash, paint sealant, and waxing ensure that the blue dazzles for life if you have the time. On a side note, it’s actually quite simple and easy if you’re time poor and what to go that extra step to get a better result from your wash. To get a deep shine after every wash you can purchase a quick detailing spray, most of the reputable brands will do an excellent job and it’s as easy as spraying on, rising down the car and then drying with a microfiber towel.

The biggest problem that some might say is that it looks more black than blue. For those that want a purely blue shade on their car, this is not the way to go. And there is also the matter of seeing pictures and then seeing them in real life. Since the car’s pictures are taken in ideal lighting, you might see a slightly different-looking shade in pictures than in real life.

A Sparkling conclusion

So, in conclusion, the Toyota Blueprint color might just be one of the best shades that we have ever seen. While it may not have the old-school charm of jet black or crystal white, its more contemporary look and feel give it an edge. If you don’t like living by conventions, the Toyota blueprint color is the way to go.

Toyota blueprint color

Not blue, not black, but it is a 100% certified stunner. You can rest assured your Toyota, whether on the road or parked in the garage, your car will be unique enough to catch a few eyes, especially your own after you park and look back at it. It looks good against contrasting interiors and it looks good regardless of its surroundings too. What more can we say, it is among our favorites.

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