What Is A Procharger?

What Is A Procharger? (Answered)

Driving your car is a wonderful experience. 

There really is nothing else like it – the thrill, the speed, the power. It all accumulates into one amazing driving experience, but sometimes, you will find that you want more. You can always modify your car to help improve its power and performance, but what can you add to help this?

If you are looking to improve your car’s power, then you might have been told to try out a Procharger. If you are tempted or perhaps considering a Supercharger instead, then here is some vital information about Prochargers that you will want to take in before you come to a decision.

What Is A Procharger?

Procharger is actually the name of a company in the US that manufactures supercharging air compressing stems that work differently from traditional superchargers. 

They help deliver a consistent stream of air to your car through the use of an impeller – a rotary device that sucks in air by spinning at incredibly high speeds. When the air reaches the center of the impeller, it is distributed outwards and transforms into high pressure.

This forces the air into your car’s engine as a consistent stream of air instead of large bursts. This helps provide your engine with more power and improves its performance. 

A Procharger is pretty small and lightweight, and sits neatly on the front of your engine while adding a lot of horsepower to it. They are highly powerful and precise, making Procharger a trusted brand name among a lot of car owners. 

What Is A Supercharger?

What Is A Supercharger?

Superchargers work similarly to a Procharger, but there are a few variations. They are basically air compressors that help boost your engine’s power. 

The most common type of Supercharger is a Roots Supercharger. They use spinning meshes to carry air from one side to the other, building up inside to create pressure. They are very large and sit on top of the engine, often poking out from the hood.

They do not deliver air in a constant stream – instead, air is delivered in bursts that make Roots Superchargers less practical. 

Another popular variation is the Twin-Screw Supercharger, where air is drawn in through gears, through meshes of lobes, and trapped in pockets.They are still very bulky, but are more efficient than Roots Superchargers.

They are also very loud and many owners of a Twin-Screw Supercharger end up installing some sort of noise suppression to quiet them down.

Despite the variety between makes and models, all Superchargers aim to do the same thing  and suffer from similar problems – they all help make your car more powerful, but they are bulky and loud and inconsistent, often providing your engine with bursts of air. 

Procharger Vs Supercharger - Which Is Better? 

Procharger Vs Supercharger – Which Is Better? 

Both Prochargers and Superchargers have the same aim.

They are both added to cars to try and make the engine more powerful and improve the car’s performance. Both add a lot of horsepower to your car, but a Supercharger gives you immediate power and pedal response.

This is because a Supercharger suffers from zero lag, so the moment you put your foot on the pedal, you will get power. On the other hand,  Prochargers are great for smoothly building up power and providing you with a consistent performance. 

When it comes to cost, you don’t want to break your bank trying to add horsepower to your car. Both Superchargers and Prochargers are pretty expensive and require a lot of maintenance, but if you are looking for something that will give you speed safely and legally, then a centrifugal Procharger could be what is best for you.

Superchargers use up a lot of gas in a very short amount of time, so a centrifugal Procharger helps you save some money by using less fuel. 

Also, Superchargers are bulky and heavy but Prochargers are way more lightweight and attach easily to the front of your engine instead of on top. While both are pretty loud, Prochargers come out on top for style and substance. 

You just can’t go wrong with a Procharger – they are cleaner and consistent, making them a cut above the rest. The only downside that some drivers might find with them is if you want an instant powerful performance.

Because Prochargers give a consistent stream of air, they cannot push through big bursts of air to give a quick boost of power like Superchargers can. They still give you plenty of power, just more evenly spread. 

Caring For Your Procharger 

Adding a procharger or even a supercharger to your car will mean that you have to keep it maintained and in good condition. If you don’t, you may end up damaging the rest of your car. 

Although a supercharged engine is now a lot more powerful,  this also means that it is under a lot more stress and pressure. You need to keep a good eye on your engine and check its oil level more regularly to make sure that you are not overdoing it – otherwise, you may end up without a car at all.

Also be aware of what fuel you are using in your car. Using a premium kind of gasoline will help improve your car’s longevity, and remember that Prochargers use a drive belt that needs replacing at 50,000-70,000 miles. This is also the same with centrifugal superchargers. 


So, we personally would recommend you going with a Procharger instead of a Supercharger. 

They are just better all round – Prochargers are lighter and use less fuel, they are more efficient than Superchargers while providing your engine with a lot of horsepower and a consistent driving experience.

There is a reason why so many drivers recommend Prochargers and why the company is so well known around the world. They make amazing air compressors that are just so much better than older models. 

So if you are looking for a smooth and fast ride with plenty of power that won’t leave you out of pocket, then you should look into getting yourself a Procharger. 

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