2008 Ford Focus

2008 Ford Focus Review – A Fun Little Drive

A fun package

Reliability and practicality have always been the strong point for Ford. They have been the pioneers in manufacturing and for good reason. The company continues to churn out great production cars year after year and the 2008 Ford Focus is no different. It is a highly economical option and comes with the stamp of a Ford, which means it will last for years, perhaps even decades down the line.

2008 Ford Focus

For 2008, the Ford Focus comes with an updated design. The car is an extension of the previous generation and now comes in two distinct styles, the four-door sedan, and a two-door coupe. There are three trims available for both the Ford Focus. The S is the base model, then comes the SE, followed by the top-of-the-line SES. The 2008 Ford Focus SES is a particularly good option as it comes with a great list of features. This 2008 Ford Focus review is more like an overview and takes a closer look at each element of the car at a glance, helping you make a wiser choice.

New car, new style

The 2008 Ford Focus is distinctly different from the 2007 model. The car looks more like a family-friendly car taking design cues from the Ford Fusion line of cars. The 2008 model came as a result of Ford’s desire to redesign its product line-up. The car does not resemble its predecessor in any way. While a lot of reviewers claim the design is polarizing or bizarre, it looks as though the Focus is a car that has decided to grow up.

2008 Ford Focus

You get a different kind of sculpting on the hood, protruding tail, and headlights, and an elongated look comes courtesy of the extended front bumper and the rear. The 2008 Ford Focus coupe looks like a redesign of the older Ford Escort ZX2. Ford says they added the coupe as customers demanded it more than the hatchback.

The car does not look as good as other cars in the segment. Yet, in typical Ford fashion, it manages to charm you and let you know that you are looking at a friendly car. One simple glance and you will see that you get value.

Better performance and handling

The improvements do not just stop in the design department. You get a much better package on the inside too. There is a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that delivers a crisp 140 bhp. The engine is smooth and provides adequate power to the wheels. You get a respectable 0-60 time of 8 seconds. The most impressive thing about these 2008 Ford Focus specs is that the car now gives out 8 bhp less but manages to fetch a partial zero-emissions certificate.

2008 Ford Focus

You get a standard 5-speed manual transmission but there is an optional four-speed automatic available. The automatic happens to drain the fuel on the car and you will be much better suited to a manual. The latter gives stellar fuel efficiency numbers, 24 mpg in the city and 35 mpg on the highway.

2008 Ford Focus tire size, its suspension setup, and the firmness of the ride all help it become a very nice and easy-to-handle car on the road. You get very light steering and the feel on the brakes is good. The car is a joy to drive and you will never feel like you are sitting in an economical car.

Upgraded interiors

The best part about the 2008 Ford Focus is that the cheap feel is no longer present in this car. You get a much more expensive-looking cabin, which is also much quieter thanks to a hundred or so hours inside the wind tunnel. You get a car that has character and flair.

2008 Ford Focus

The instrumentation panel comes with sculpted rings, brand new gauges, and a steering wheel along with redesigned seats. The dashboard looks far cleaner and the overall feel of the cabin is that of sophistication. You get an economical car that instead feels like a mid-sized sedan.

The cloth seats are comfortable enough. However, you will find that the passenger seat of the 2008 Ford Focus coupe is particularly hard to get into. The biggest advantage that you will find is that you get ample leg and headroom. 

Higher safety ratings

The 2008 Ford Focus has a better safety standard than its predecessors. The NHSTA has given the model five stars for frontal impact but three stars for side impacts. You get six airbags as standard and even a tire pressure monitor. Additionally, an anti-lock braking system and traction control come as options on all models. The new design does improve the visibility of the car and the view is quite good.

A Feature-rich Focus

The main talking point of the 2008 Ford Focus is the feature-rich interior, you get a beefed-up entertainment and communications system. The base model comes with enough features to give you a bang for your buck.

2008 Ford Focus

The SE one-ups this by providing you with a horde of electronics including power mirrors, and windows. You also get remote entry systems and floormats. For more features, the 2008 Ford Focus SES comes with leather-wrapped steering wheels, cruise control, day/night rearview mirrors, and a slew of other minor additions. You also get options such as ABS, cruise control, ambient lighting, and traction control as standard.


You get a car that sees improvements across the board. The 2008 Ford Focus problems are minor and the most obvious ones surround the inoffensive design. You do not get a car that stands out nor retains its charming and confident lines from the previous versions.

Instead, this car is a step in the direction that Ford wants to go. In a heavily crowded market segment, the 2008 Ford Focus stands out. It offers the best value when it comes to space, interiors, and mileage. While the performance is nothing to gush over, it still holds up well. If you are looking to get value out of a car, the 2008 Ford Focus and its models, the coupe, and the SES are worthy of your consideration.

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