2008 bmw 550i

2008 BMW 550i Review – A Power Packed Punch

The BMW 550i and its Rarity

First things first, the 2008 BMW 550i is as close to a limited edition car as you can get. For some reason, BMW has decided to only produce 20000 units or so. Despite this, the car has some ridiculously good points, which mask the flaws quite well. It is true engineering excellence and BMW has pulled out all the stops to disguise this rocket ship as a family-friendly mid-sized sedan. It is supremely comfortable inside and yet you might find the look of the cabin bizarre.

2008 bmw 550i

The car is worth consideration for anyone looking for pure performance with a touch of luxury. While the car may have come with a rather expensive price tag, it can be found today for a much lesser price. This may just be a bargain that you have been looking for.

The Glorious V8

The first thing you need to look at is the ridiculous engine. The Bavarian carmakers have managed to slap on a stonking V8 engine on this car. The 2008 BMW 550i is a car that will firmly plant you to the seat as soon as you step on the throttle. The experience is exhilarating and all of it is mostly down to the superb engine. Let’s talk figures, the 2008 BMW 550i engine delivers a strong 360 bhp at 7700rpm.

2008 bmw 550i

The engine is one of the best on the roads, even by today’s standards. The sheer aggression you get from the car is unrivaled in the segment. From the moment you start the engine you will feel the grunt and the force. The performance is incredible, the car can do zero to sixty in 5.1 seconds. While it is slightly slower than its M counterpart, these numbers are simply ridiculous coming from a mid-sized sedan.

While the brutish nature of the car might have you taken aback, the ride and handling are drastically different. You get unparalleled handling, courtesy of BMW’s expertise in the area. You get a comfortable ride thanks to its highly tuned suspension setup. The six-speed manual transmission is also smooth between the gears and doesn’t pull too much.

2008 bmw 550i

The car is simply a joy to drive. You can hear the crackle and growl of the V8 as you step on the throttle and for those that love spine-tingling engine noises, you can’t get much better than this.

You also have ample amounts of power at your disposal and you can extract every single drop of it. You will not feel the brunt of the engine and you will have a comfortable ride. The braking on the car is also par excellence. It is a car that is made to be driven.

A Striking Design

We know that style and design in cars is always subjective matter. Yet some cars often border on the truly unanimous opinion of looking good. The 2008 BMW 550i is a close candidate. You get the classic BMW design. The front fascia comes with the iconic split grille and headlamps that swoop to the side. You get smart lines on the hood and the front bumpers have a wide grille accompanied by two smaller splits. The rear is edgier and the BMW heritage could not be more apparent here. The overall look is great, you are immediately greeted by the classic BMW design with slight adjustments to make it look modern.

2008 bmw 550i

While we usually ramble about the 2008 BMW 550i specs we often forget to take a closer look at the design of the car. It is a good-looking sedan that manages to stay under the radar. Its stance is low and you also get 17-inch wheels that give the car a wide look. Although we reckon a larger set of wheels will look much more menacing.

Top of the Line Interiors

The car is a mid-sized luxury sedan and it plays that part incredibly well. You get ample amounts of leather all over the car. You get a sparingly crowded center console thanks to the electronic console shifter. You also get an improved iDrive system from BMW, which keeps getting better with each iteration. For the premium package, you get heated comfort seats, which are plush, courtesy of the tan leather. You get plenty of space, ample amounts of head and legroom.

2008 bmw 550i

The 2008 BMW 550i is a car that is performance first, however, you will not feel that even for a second. The smoothness of the ride is a combination of the seats and the suspension, although we feel the suspension plays second fiddle to the luxury item.

Average Safety Standards

You will not find too many 2008 BMW 550i problems, and perhaps safety is the main one. While it does have all the required airbags, stability, and traction control, adaptive headlights, and cruise control come as standard. NHTSA gives the car good ratings, it suffers in certain areas and especially in the driver department, which is odd considering it should be the priority.

The 2008 BMW 550i M Sport Package

To spruce up the car, the M sport package brings along a Shadowline trim for the car’s windows along with a lowered suspension trim that gives the car a lower ride and a more menacing look. The car also gets a 19-inch wheel setup to make the car look wide. You also get burlwood inserts for the dash, doors, and center console. You also get dual-zone climate controls and a leather-wrapped steering wheel. The changes are more cosmetic and in the performance department, the car does 0-60 in 4.8 seconds. 

Our Verdict

The 2008 BMW 550i is an excellent car. The performance is phenomenal you will not feel any lack of it whether on the highway or in the city. The comfort level in the car is superb, you will feel at ease whether you are seated in the front or at the back. The car looks good, handles well, and is comfortable. You will also get a car that lasts, it is a BMW after all.

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