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Welcome to Your Sydney Mate

Welcome to Your Sydney Mate, this article is essentially going to be a run down of where I’m coming from and where I want to take it. The beautiful thing about using a blog as a medium to express myself is that I can literally write about anything that interests me and present that topic in a way in which can inform, inspire and educate the wider community.

Where Your Sydney Mate is Coming From

A bit of background about myself is that I’ve been working in the IT industry for the past 8 years and have really enjoyed all of the challenges that have come along with it, I’ve grown as an individual both professionally and personally. My job in a way has become a big part of my life and is one of the foundations which allow me to do this without worrying about making money initially. One thing that my career path has taught me is that working for other people/companies and playing the corporate game can only bring you so much happiness, because at the end of the day it’s all about money and nothing else. So I’ve always believe that you need to do something that you’re passionate about and for me I love creating content. Now I’d be lying if I said I don’t care about ever making money from this because it absolutely is one of my long term goals to turn this into my full time ‘job. The funny thing about calling this a job is that it would be so much fun that it would be the most natural thing for me to wake up to in the morning and create content. One last and major reason for this blog is to improve myself whilst I’m contributing to the world. This includes improving my knowledge about a variety of different topics which I find interesting but also improving my life by getting into a routine of doing things I love, recently the precursor to this is the consistency I’ve been putting into training at the gym over the past few months as I managed to prove to myself that when you get into a routine of doing something you enjoy then your quality of life will improve exponentially as there’s always benefits to doing positive things!

Your Sydney Mate Topics and Content

The beautiful thing about Your Sydney Mate is that I get to write about things that interest me. At the time of writing this article, as I’m just starting this blog there are four key things that interest me in life that I’m truly passionate about which are as follows:


Growing up as an Australian Italian, I’ve  always been blessed with having amazing food around me. As I’ve grown up I’ve become quite familiar with a very high level of quality with the food I’ve consumed. In such a diverse country/city of Sydney Australia I was able to slowly become familiar with a huge variety of different cultures and they wonderful foods that are part of each cuisine. Food is life.


I’ve had a passion for cars my whole life and have also been lucky enough to be surrounded by a bunch of friends that share the same passion. As a bunch of mate’s we’re also quite fortunate to have quite a cool collection of cars within the group and I’m excited to share them with you all as well as all the other unique car and bike content I stumble upon throughout my journeys


I’m probably most excited about creating content for this category as it’s an opportunity to provide real value to people reading these articles about thing’s I wouldn’t normally go out and experience or to share my knowledge and research about topics that will hopefully help improve the quality of your life in many different aspects.


Reading this category title, the first thing that pops into your mind could be in relation to the latest trending Instagram Influencer or Youtuber which is not entirely incorrect for what this category is about. Although in life I’ve always been curious to learn more about influential people in many different walks of life such as Steve Jobs, Elon Musk and even extreme sports stars/social media influencers such as Jon Olsson.

Where Your Sydney Mate is Going

The vision for Your Sydney Mate is quite simple, it’s to provide quality content which can be consumed by a vast amount of people. I don’t want to create a niche blog which focuses on one specific topic because I want this to be a reflection of myself and as human beings I’m fairly certain each and every one of us is interested in more than one specific thing.

I’d love to build up this blog to be an authority on the internet that people come to to consume great content. Sure I’d love to expand beyond the blog with some more simple and complex types of social media such as Instagram, YouTube, etc. But I’ve attempted to do these before and have not been so successful so I’m going to ensure that I can deliver the best content I can on each type of medium before I go ahead with it as I want to hit each with my absolute best effort. Obviously at the beginning nothing is going to be amazing or ever perfect but I’m super excited for the journey we’re all about to embark on together!

I hope at some point people can be super interactive with the blog and communicate with me and suggest improvements, new topics or if they just want to have a chat about anything.

Thanks for reading and lets begin this epic journey!


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