Maserati vs Corvette

Maserati vs Corvette – An Unexpected Matchup (Quick Comparison)

There are very few automobile manufacturers whose names can be directly associated with legendary cars. The sheer power of the brand is immediately understood when you say their name. We associate some of the most stunning cars when you hear their name.

Two brands, Maserati vs Corvette evoke that feeling. While both may be carmakers that are miles apart, literally and figuratively, their idea of what cars should look and feel like is fairly simple. They only aim to make cars that take people’s breath away.

Over the years both manufacturers have changed their identity and today they are among the elite. Cars from Maserati and Corvette are both considered dignified and rare. Owners like a taste of the finer things in life and to breathe rare air. Their cars exuberate class and are designed to turn heads. So, why should we compare them? Why is a Maserati vs Corvette argument even necessary? The reason is simple their cars match up quite well. Be it the engine, the design, the interiors, or even the people these cars attract.

With a vast common ground as this, it is almost inevitable that such an argument would arise, as is the same with any high end manufacturer, comparisons can be drawn from all corners. Without further ado, let’s pit their latest offerings and see what’s in store.

Maserati vs Corvette – Their Stories

The Americans are known for making muscle cars. Naturally, a few brands aimed to change that perspective. Chevrolet happened to be one of the brands and their Corvette division was born in the early 1950s. The brand aimed to bring customers with all kinds of backgrounds into the Chevrolet brand. Over the years they have launched a fair few cars and they have become favored by Americans. Corvette has come to earn the title of “America’s sports car”. Their cars are loved and cherished by Americans and it has come to become one of the most popular sports cars in the world.

Maserati vs Corvette

Maserati on the other hand has a completely different story. They have been making cars for over a century and originally were into making cars for Grand Prix racing. They, like Corvette, forayed into the car market in the 1950s. Unlike Corvette, however, Maserati’s entry into the car making world was met with resounding aplomb. As they were not a full-fledged manufacturer, their cars became rare from the get-go. Even today Maserati’s are seen a sign of class and elegance. If you own one, you are already sitting at a different table.

Maserati vs Corvette

In the essential Maserati vs Corvette debate, we have to take a look at it objectively and pit different models of cars against each other.

Maserati Granturismo vs Corvette C7

The Maserati Granturismo is the poster boy for Maserati. The model itself can be likened to the brand and for ages. It is the embodiment of a Grand Tourer in the 21st century and Maserati’s nails it.

Maserati vs Corvette
2018 Maserati Granturismo

The design of the car is simply sleek and to sum it up, you can use one word, flow. The lines on the car flow through it. It does not lack any punch and yet comes with the refinement we expect from Italian cars.

C7 Corvette Z06

The Corvette C7 on the other hand is a brute force. The design looks means and aggressive. It is a car that means business. The car has a bold front and an overall intimidating design. The color options make the car stand out from the rest, particularly on the Z06 variant, the most powerful of them all. Where the car starts lacking is the interior, but that’s not the purpose of Corvette and isn’t a far stretch from the earlier Maserati Granturismo models in terms of quality.

Maserati vs Corvette

Performance-wise it is no slouch, the Corvette Z06 sounds, means and drives aggressively. In this Maserati Granturismo vs Corvette battle, we have to give the edge to the Granturismo, it is simply a more refined car, it may not have the outright power of the Corvette Z06 but sporty refinement and luxury feel that can be used everyday is the key here. The Corvette is a bit too focused and uncomfortable for everyday use.

Maserati MC20 vs Corvette C8

The Maserati MC20 is the company’s return to the supercar market. It has all the characteristic elements of a supercar. The swooping bold design and Maserati’s most powerful V6 engine to date. This car has everything, it is the result of the blood, sweat, and tears put in by the Maserati team. As a result, once you see it and drive it, you will be left speechless.

Maserati vs Corvette

The eighth generation of cars from Corvette, this one is a looker. The C8 Corvette is so much like an Italian supercar that it almost feels alien from the other cars in the lineup. From the sleek design on the headlights to the powerful roar of the V8, the C8 Corvette is nothing like any car made by Corvette, other than it’s predecessors. The only thing I could criticize here would be the rear of the car seems a bit odd and out of place, but maybe it just hasn’t sit with me enough to let the new design sink in.

Maserati vs Corvette

Its design alone has drawn admirers from all over the world. In this battle between the Maserati MC20 vs Corvette C8, we cannot decide a winner, both cars are simply too good in their own right. The MC20 has a more elegant Italian supercar flare to it, although the C8 Corvette is definitely more striking from the front. If I had to pick a winner based on pure emotion, I just can’t stand by a V6 engine against a V8, Corvette would take the cake here purely based on that gorgeous engine note, driving feel and emotion that’s inspired from a glorious V8.

Corvette Stingray vs Maserati Ghibli

While this may not be the fairest comparison, pitting a four-seater against a two-seater, the Ghibli is Maserati’s rising star. When you take a look at Maserati Ghibli vs Corvette, you will see that the Ghibli holds well against a supercar. The Ghibli features all the characteristics of a Maserati, the grille, the coupe-like rear, the engine, and the luxurious interior.

Maserati vs Corvette

The Stingray on the other hand is not quite the crown jewel of Corvette. The Stingray is the name given to the lesser Corvette variant, where the Z06 is the performance oriented one that Corvette puts a lot more focus on.

maserati granturismo vs corvette

The most recent iteration is the boldest yet. It is a borderline supercar and blows the competition out of the water, even when looking at Maserati vs Corvette. It is Corvette’s attempt to reach the echelons of the supercar hierarchy, and leaves us wondering what the Z06 and ZR1 variants will be if this one is already reaching such great heights. If I was a prospective buyer I’d be holding out for the latter variants because they will most likely be something very special.

The Final Sting

A more apt comparison for the Stingray would be with the Granturismo. When you do a Corvette Stingray vs Maserati Granturismo comparison, you will see that the strengths of each car match up well and it is entirely up to the eye of the beholder to discern which is better.

Maserati vs Corvette

Perhaps the best way to distinguish between the two companies is through their price. When taking a look at Maserati vs Corvette price we will see the real difference. The pride and branding of an Italian car mean that the Maserati steals the show here for being the more expensive option. It is expensive and the price tag is due to the luxury factor. The Maserati range start from approximately $75,000 and can easily go up past $210,000 for the top of the line Maserati MC20, where as the performance focused Corvette starts at a mere $62,000, boasting absolute bang for your buck performance.

You can also take a look at other offerings from Corvette. When you compare a Corvette Z06 vs Maserati Granturismo you will see that the Corvette blows the Maserati out of the water for performance. This is not the Granturismo’s forte.

Maserati vs Corvette

There are many metrics and ways to compare the two companies. Each of them has produced cars that are worthy of your hard-earned money. No matter the car, Corvette or Maserati, you will be proud to own it and let the car do the talking for you.

It’s difficult to just pick one winner in the Maserati vs Corvette debate, to put quite simply, if you’re on a budget and are happy to compromise a little on elegance/refinement and miss out Italian styling, then Corvette is the best option for you. If you’re not too worried about performance or are happy to spend big for it, then Maserati is the clear winner for you.

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