Maserati mc20

The Exceptional Maserati MC20 – Ultimate Review of Every Aspect

The all new Maserati MC20 is Maserati’s new flagship supercar and their answer to the ever-growing competition such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and McLaren to name a few. The new Maserati MC20 production model will be released to customers around the world by early 2022, with some lucky customers receiving theirs by late 2021.

Maserati mc20

Any car that sits under the Maserati banner is usually extravagant with the price to match, especially once you include options it will take off faster than the cars 0-60 time, but the Maserati MC20 price will start at $210,000 USD for the coupe model. The new Maserati MC20 comes equipped with a whole bunch of technology that is aimed at enhancing the driving experience, although that’s never really the focus of a Maserati, what the real focus is, is Maserati’s new Nettuno 3 Litre, V6 twin turbo and what the means for the driver.

Maserati mc20

The V6 is a far cry from the typical loud and powerful stunning V8 engines Maserati is well known for and the sonorous experience it provides, or is it? Have they managed to still make their new Maserati MC20 invoke that feeling of raw passion and excitement every time you drive the car?

Maserati mc20 price

The new Maserati MC20 engine really has us questioning what this means for the experience. In this Maserati MC20 review let’s dive deep into the fountain of Neptune and see what the Maserati trident has in store for us with their new flagship model.

Awe-Inspiring Maserati MC20 Specs

On paper, the new Maserati MC20 supercar is nothing short of impressive. The Maserati MC20 specs are alluring, the performance figures are generally not what you’d expect to see come out of a 3 litre V6 engine, especially from Maserati. This V6 roars to life with a subtle 621hp (630ps) coming in at 207hp/litre. The “all-new” Maserati V6 Nettuno (Italian for Neptune, the god of freshwater that wields the trident in the Bologna Fountain that inspired the Maserati logo) is a dry sump engine that achieves its figures by slapping on twin turbochargers to its six-cylinder, double overhead camshaft engine with variable valve timing.

maserati mc20 specs

Maserati claims that there has been significant innovation on this engine, specifically around the pre-chamber combustion system with twin-sparkplugs. They say this has been derived from Formula 1 and it is the first time a road car has had this innovative technology implemented.

Maserati mc20
Maserati MC20 rear with the Maserati Trident integrated into the design

The interesting thing about this engine right from the get go was that even though Maserati had claimed it was a completely original Maserati engine, it shared a connection with the Ferrari F154 engine that was utilized in the various Ferrari’s such as the SF90 Stradale, Ferrari 488 Pista and the new F8 Tributo. The same story applies to Alfa Romeo with the Quadrifoglio variants of the Giulia and Stelvio using a variant of the F154 engine as well.

Maserati mc20

Although not a bad relationship to have, the sound doesn’t quite have the flair of a Ferrari but possess the flat sound of the less exciting Alfa Romeo’s. From the first time I heard the exhaust note of the MC20, it had me raising my eyebrow as it sounded eerily familiar, I guess I was on the money. It literally sounded exactly like the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio that I’ve tested comprehensively in the past.

Nonetheless, let’s not get bogged down on the “who took what from where” conversation, there’s always a few secrets swapped between the Italian counterparts here and there and is almost expected these days.

Maserati mc20

The chassis of the car is claimed to be a “feather-light” carbon fibre monocoque engineered by Maserati and produced by Dallara. For those of you that don’t know, Dallara is a well-respected race car manufacturer founded way back in 1971. They are known for their expertise with carbon fibre and extracting every ounce of efficiency out of a design through aerodynamics and innovation.

They’re so amazing at their craft that they’ve been engaged by Formula 3 and created a dominating car and then ventured into the likes of Formula 1 and IndyCars. Not to mention collaborating with Audi to dominate the Le Mans 24 hours with their Audi R8 Le Mans chassis. The latest cherry on-top is that they’re now also involved in the aerospace industry. This can all be summarized to Maserati collaborating with Dallara on the MC20 chassis being big deal.

With a claimed weight of 3,307 lbs (1500 kg) actually weighing in on the scales at 3,748 lbs (1,700 kg) as per the production model that the Novitec group weighed in a recent video of theirs. The bold claims by Maserati, unfortunately, were shot down with that real-world example, and 200kg is not a small amount of weight for a car that is supposed to be pushing boundaries at the pinnacle of performance for such an iconic automaker. The power to weight ratio would definitely be impacted but it seems that it hasn’t impacted their other performance stats.

Maserati mc20

The Maserati MC20 0-60 mph is still achieved in a blisteringly fast 2.9 seconds. The Maserati MC20 top speed reaches a blisteringly fast 202 mph. The MC20 will also arrive at 124 mph from 0 in just 8.8 seconds. These figures are thanks to the Nettuno Maserati MC20 engine and its 621hp coupled with 538 lb-ft of torque being propelled through the 8-speed dual-clutch transmission to the self-locking mechanical limited-slip differential powering the rear-wheel-drive configuration.

maserati mc20 release date

Interestingly Maserati left the electronic differential as an option instead of including it as part of the package. Not sure why manufacturers need to do this when they create a car that is designed to make a statement for the brand. They should really have one ultimate performance package with a few cosmetic options that add a touch of personality to a car.

Maserati MC20 Specs at a Glance

  • Engine type: V6 Double Overhead Cam, 24 Valve, Twin Turbo
  • Transmission: 8 Speed Dual Clutch
  • Horsepower: 621hp / 630ps
  • Displacement: 3 Litres / 2,992cc
  • 0-60 mph: 2.9 seconds 
  • Top Speed: 202mph (325 km/h)
  • Combined Fuel Consumption: 20.3 mpg (11.6 L/100km)
  • Dimensions: 4,669 mm Length / 1,965 mm Width / 1,221 mm Height
  • Curb Weight: 3,307 lbs / 1,500kg (Claimed) and 3,748 lbs / 1,700kg (Actual)

Behind the Wheel of the Maserati MC20

The little V6 that sits at the heart of the Maserati MC20 makes a big impact on this car. We honestly expected a lot less and we can’t lie at all, even though it has half the cylinders it should, our immediate impression was that we actually like it. The twin turbos propelled us to 60mph in 2.9seconds and it felt like our internals were being pushed closer and closer to our spine.

Maserati mc20

It is impressively quick, the Corsa mode give you an intense yet gradual pull of acceleration as we mash the throttle and the experience is nothing less from what you’d expect from the pinnacle of supercars in the more sought-after high-end brands. Deceivingly, the Nettuno V6 may make you think at first glance it will underperform but there’s no hint of it being under powered at all.

Maserati mc20

The car is already completely mental, comparable to the likes of a McLaren 600LT and the feeling that invokes when beating on it. One major factor that plays a big part in the experience is the aerodynamics that are so seamlessly integrated throughout the body of the car. It produces 220lbs (100kg) of downforce at the 200km mark,all this is achieved without massive rear wings and intrusive design elements that disrupt the stunning flow of the body lines.

Maserati mc20

I find it quite interesting that with all of the carbon elements added to the car to ‘save weight’ that the car actually comes in at 3,748lbs (1,700kg) rather than the claimed 3,307lb (1,500kg) as proven by Novitec in a recent review they did on the MC20. Regardless, it still seems to handle like an extremely agile car that could turn on a dime.

Maserati mc20

Not to our surprise the car sounded moderately dull and would greatly benefit from an upgraded exhaust system (maybe it would be worth it just to shave off some weight as well).

The other driving modes worth mentioning for the Maserati MC20 is GT Mode, which is the default driving mode where all settings are normal and the suspension is soft. The Wet Mode which limits boost and maximizes the traction settings. The Sport Mode livens everything up a little bit with faster and more direct shifting and a slightly more exciting traction setting. Where the MC20 truly comes alive is when you’re in Corsa Mode, everything is set to the max, boost, pedal sensitivity, exhaust is always open and traction, suspension and gearing is all set to race and most importantly, Corsa enables the enticing launch control function to be activated if desired.

Maserati MC20 Interior

Whilst sitting the Dallara forged carbon tub, you’re treated to a very focused interior, with just two screens, the one behind the wheel and the one just in the centre console then with a knob to adjust what mode you want the MC20 in.

Maserati mc20

We really love how the interior is simple yet focused on all of what you need, no unnecessary amount of buttons and the design aesthetic perfectly complements the exterior of the car. The centre infotainment screen is a welcome upgrade from the likes of what was offered in earlier year model Maserati’s, quite a well put together functional user experience.

Maserati mc20

The Maserati MC20 seats are also quite a special new design that fits in perfectly with the minimalist and race focused aesthetic. They also also happen to have a carbon fibre element to them with the backing fully laid out with carbon weave, although we’re not certain if this is just cosmetic or if it actually saves weight.

The interior also comes with a few options which essentially just varies the color of the leather or the stitching along the edges of the seats and dash. Some seating options also include some alcantara accents on the seat inserts.

Maserati mc20

Maserati MC20 Head to Head Comparisons

To create this perspective, we’ve weighed up some very likely contenders, not only in engine size but also price bracket and capability. But let’s address the question that brought these comparisons about in the first place:

Is the Maserati MC20 Price an Absolute Bargain?

At the entry Maserati MC20 price of $210,000 USD most will feel this is quite an over-the-top luxury to commit to. Although once we start to introduce some perspective it might not seem so bad, if you’re considering entering into this top end of the exotic supercar market.

Maserati MC20 vs Ferrari 296 GTB

Let’s start with the big brother to Maserati and the god father of exotic Italian supercars, Ferrari. The Ferrari 296 GTB is comparable in every sense of the word when looking at the Maserati MC20 vs Ferrari 296 GTB. You’re getting an Italian supercar, with a V6 twin turbo engine. The major undeniable factor that comes to play is the power output and the price.

2022 Ferrari 296 GTB vs Maserati MC20

The Ferrari 296 GTB power figures are nothing short of unbelievable, it outputs a total of 819hp but that’s not without the help of a 165hp electrical motor as well. This equates to having a conventional combustion engine that outputs 654hp, which is almost on par with the Maserati MC20 engine at 621hp. Regardless, even with all this power and all-wheel-drive the Ferrari 296 GTB still only makes the sprint from 0 to 60mph in 2.9 seconds which is exactly the same time it takes the MC20.

Although subjective, the sound and design on the Ferrari 296 GTB is much more exciting and eye catching than the Maserati MC20. I don’t know how Maserati managed to make their V6 Nettuno engine sound so flat and similar to a Giulia Quadrifoglio but the Ferrari V6 still carries it’s sound with the essence of a true Italian supercar engine. Concluding this, when discussing the MC20 with the Ferrari and Maserati dealership themselves, their response when asked if they prefer the MC20 or a Ferrari, is that a Ferrari will always be a Ferrari even though the MC20 is the flagship car for Maserati.

Maserati mc20

Lastly on price there is a significant difference, as we already know, the Maserati MC20 price is $210,000 USD which is a completely trumped by the Ferrari 296 GTB price which is between $321,000 to $360,000 USD. For that massive $150,000 price gap you can almost buy a second Maserati MC20 to have one for the road and another for track days.

In the not so positive sense of the phrase, a Ferrari is a Ferrari, and for the performance you’re not getting the most bang for your buck. But I’ve not personally driven a Ferrari 296 GTB yet, maybe the performance regarding handling and that extra 165hp electric motor makes a world of difference, beyond what we can determine from what’s written on paper.

Maserati MC20 vs Porsche Turbo S (992)

Taking things a notch down from flamboyant Italian exotics, the latest 992 generation of the Porsche Turbo S is a fairly comparable car. It definitely lacks the Italian flair of the Maserati but much like the MC20 the Porsche Turbo S has a 6-cylinder twin turbo pumping out 640hp through its all-wheel-drive drivetrain.

2021 Porsche 911 Turbo S vs Maserati MC20

Porsche’s have always been known for being understated, unless you delve into the GT range with the likes of a GT3 RS or GT2 RS whereas Maserati’s are always making a statement. The German manufacturer is also well known for their precision engineering and specifically renowned for fine tuning the 911 since its inception. The 992 Porsche Turbo S has been so well refined that the performance demolishes most of their competitors, including the Maserati MC20. With a sprint from 0 to 60mph achieved in a mere 2.4 seconds you’re starting to enter into the million dollars plus category with the likes of Bugatti.

Maserati mc20

I just know, that with all the engineering prowess over at Porsche other performance stats on the track and out in the real world will be magnificent and at a price of just $203,500 USD you can literally have one of the best performing cars in the world for only $6,500 less than the Maserati MC20.

Most people will say the Porsche Turbo S is too clinical and boring but at 2.4 seconds to 60mph, I can assure you it’s far from boring. Surely only the diehard Maserati fan boys will be purchasing an MC20 over a 992 Turbo S.

Maserati MC20 vs Nissan GTR Nismo

Now moving into the realms of the supposed “supercar killer” which is comparable to today’s Doge coin killer the Shiba Inu coin for its innovation and venture into the upper echelons of their respective industries, this underdog was always destined to do great things and it does indeed do great things. Since the Nissan GTR 35 forayed into the supercar world, it has definitely made a statement. Now 14 years on, the latest iteration of the GTR is upon us, the 2021 Nissan GTR Nismo. The car has come a long way, so much so that it is extremely tempting to purchase this over a Maserati MC20.

2020 Nissan GTR Nismo vs Maserati MC20

The Nissan GTR Nismo arguably has an even more rich history than the MC car’s that Maserati has produced throughout its life. Loved by millions around the world the Nismo can talk the talk and walk it as well. With just a smudge under the MC20’s horsepower with 600hp in the GTR Nismo compared to the Maserati’s 621hp under the hood, giving it a 21hp disadvantage to the Maserati MC20 hp. Although regardless of this, the Nissan GTR Nismo rocket’s itself with all-wheel-drive from 0-60mph in just 2.5 seconds.

Not only is its 0-60mph sprint impressive, the car also looks as tough as its purpose suggests. The race inspired Nismo is doused with a list of special features and components that is too long to go through in this article. But one thing I can confirm is that it is the flagship car for Nissan and Nissan have thrown everything they’ve got at it making it an extremely special and sought-after car.

new maserati mc20

The Maserati MC20 vs Nissan GTR Nismo is a tough one to call, both are great cars and represent different markets and for almost exactly the same price at $210,740 USD it’s difficult to choose. It comes down to if you want a refined Italian supercar that is quick but not the quickest or if you want an in-your-face Japanese monster that will put most supercars to shame.

It really just comes down to which manufacturer captures your heart more. I personally think that the Maserati MC20 will command more attention with its presence and scissor door that go up and people will forever look at any GTR as a toy from Japan unless the observer knows what they’re looking at.

The Maserati MC20 – All Great Things Must Conclude

Maserati really have done it this time. They’ve paved their own way and created a car that blends the Maserati taste with modern necessities to create something new, relevant, and beautiful. The Maserati MC20 is still Maserati at heart with all the luxuriousness you’d expect from them in any car in their line-up. It’s not the most luxury-oriented car but has all the bells and whistles you’d expect in a modern-day supercar.

Maserati mc20 price

But what I’m afraid of is that Maserati was too focused on making a comfortable everyday race car that can perform well on the track but is easy to live with day to day, rather than what they achieved previously on the Maserati MC12 and really make a car that will inspire Maserati fans for decades to come. It’s a stunning car and probably is the perfect harmony between race ready and daily driven. I applaud them and look forward to how they develop the base MC20 into something even more special, maybe a Maserati MC20 Corsa is next.

new maserati mc20

We could be looking at a car that will do for Maserati, what the NSX did for Honda back in the day and become a halo car that we will all look back at in years to come as something truly unique and special, once we begin to adapt to a world where 6-cylinder engines are more accepted at the pinnacle of the motoring world.

Maserati MC20 Convertible
Maserati MC20 Convertible Imagined by Artist Aksyonov Nikita

Maserati MC20 Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Maserati MC20 release date

Despite the fact that the MC20 debuted in 2020, it will be released as a 2022 model in late 2021. A Maserati representative informed us, “All MC20s destined for our area (both North and South America) are reserved for model year 2022.”

Is there going to be a Maserati MC20 Convertible

Maserati MC20 Convertible

It has been confirmed by a Maserati press release that there will be a minimum of three versions of the Maserati MC20. They claim an identical carbon fibre chassis will be utilized for the coupe, convertible and electric versions but also go on to say the identical nature of the monocoque is limited to the geometry of the Maserati MC20.

They state that “the focus for the coupé will be on light weight and performance; the convertible demands greater torsional rigidity due to the absence of a roof; and the electric version will have more overall strength and enhanced protection for the battery area. Therefore, a single design embraces three versions, through changes only in the type, quantity and arrangement of the carbon fibres.”

With the structural rigidity of supercars these days reducing any chance of body flex, especially with the carbon tub designed by the masters over at Dallara there would be negligible side effects of going topless for the MC20 aside from an extra bit of weight, but this can always be counteracted by engineering the retractable roof and running gear with lightweight materials.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see the convertible and electric variants with a bit of extra weight due to the way they’ve engineered each to optimize the different configurations.

There have been some fantastic renders by Aksyonov Nikita that go to show a convertible variant will only enhance the MC20. Like I’ve always said, a supercar without a roof will only heighten the experience and take the driver to a whole new level.

Has a Maserati MC20 electric variant been confirmed

Yes, it has been confirmed that Maserati will be producing an electric variant of the Maserati MC20. Although this is the way of the future, many Maserati aficionados have expressed their disappointment in the brand. If a full electric version of the car is released then the feeling is that it is more of a Tesla than an Italian supercar. Take the Pininfarina Bautista, as stunning as the car is, watching reviews of it and people driving around in the car, it seems to really lack the emotion and flare that Italian cars are all about. Hopefully by electric, Maserati is looking to incorporate a more hybrid type system as per what we have seen in the Ferrari 296 GTB. Whilst not ideal, it could be the perfect blend and gateway into the future without destroying the passion behind the Maserati brand.

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