The Allure Of A Porsche With Red Interior

There is something aspirational about Porsches in general. Sure, you see them quite frequently but they aren’t precisely everyday cars for most people. The sleek streamlined body that hasn’t changed all too much over the years combined with a luxury interior, powerful engine, and an aesthetic that hints at money and influence naturally tends to attract admiration. But why the Porsche with red interior? What makes it such a powerful statement, what is the allure of a Porsche with a red interior? Let’s get into all of that and a little bit of history about Porsches with red interiors right now.

Why Is The Red Interior So Iconic?

There is something iconic about the color red in general that associates itself well with luxury and therefore luxury cars. Red has historically been a color that is associated with power and royalty. Think of how many countries have had a royal family, or were founded by other countries that had a royal family, that go on to have red in their flag.

A good example is England/Britain which colonized most of the world and the color red has become a part of their national identity. The Japanese flag is another great example. Red is also a “sexy” color that has all sorts of connotations that lends itself well to a luxury sports car.

Which Color Paint Goes Best With A Red Interior?

There have been countless arguments over which color of exterior paint goes best on a Porsche with a red interior. Now, there is no definitive right answer as everyone will have their own personal preferences and opinions that may not align perfectly with everyone else’s. However, there are some colors that should definitely make the finalists list. And, there are some colors that should definitely be taken out of the running right from the get-go.

A Miami blue Porsche is a beautiful sight to behold. However, a Miami blue Porsche with a red interior is a crime against the seeing and is something that is only likely to occur when someone with color blindness comes into contact with a car salesman that’s too scared to point out that their car looks like a pair of 3D glasses.

There is a consensus that a grey Porsche with a red interior is the way to go. Maybe grey is a little bland but when you contrast it with the bright and vibrant red interior it looks stunning and holds up well over the years even as styles and trends change. Black also goes extremely well with red and definitely feeds into the dark, sexy, atmospheric vibe that red interiors tend to give off anyway.

What Other Interior Colors Are Super Popular?

The red interior is super popular and works well with leather or fabric. Porsches with red interiors will never not be iconic. However, there are certainly other interior colors that are quite popular. White, for example, has been popular for a while and goes well with the classic/elegant look that many Porsches exemplify.

White doesn’t have to mean white; it could be linen or silver, grey or pebble, etc. You get the idea. A darker interior is also super nice with lighter exterior paint jobs. For example, midnight blue, black, or espresso make great choices for lighter-colored Porsches. If you are rolling with a Miami blue Porsche, please, choose something like midnight blue for the interior over red.

Is Red Interior Exclusive To Porsche?

The Porsche with red leather interior has become quintessential to the identity of Porsches and is undoubtedly something Porsche does as well as, if not better than almost everyone else. But they aren’t the only brand to use red interiors in their designs. The Mercedes Benz S-Class has always been partial to the use of red interiors with its black exterior paint.

BMW released a set of limited edition M3s in white with red leather interior that even Porsche fanatics might find tantalizing. Maserati and Bentley also use red interiors from time to time. Remember when we said red is associated with luxury? Well, there you go.

What Is The Porsche With Red Interior Made From?

Porsche interiors are almost always made from 100% leather. There are occasions where they have used other fabrics for the interior and seating but it is almost always used in unison with leather and leather always remains the primary material.

Porsche prides itself on providing the very best quality so it is not surprising that it went with leather as opposed to something cheaper, and less durable, and that doesn’t inspire the same sense of luxury that leather does.

Can I Get A Porsche With Red Interior Made From Vegan-Friendly Faux-Leather?

Unfortunately, Porsche only uses one hundred percent real leather which means if you were looking for a vegan-friendly car you are out of luck. Porsche is a reasonably sustainable brand by most standards and is one of the most forward-thinking and environmentally conscious brands actively striving to improve the vehicle ecosystem we are all moving towards – Hybrid/Electric vehicles only. But they still use leather. If that is a deal breaker for some people, well, that’s just the cost of doing business for Porsche.

Which Celebrity Was Famous For Having A Porsche With Red Interior?

There are tons of celebrities that have owned Porsches and have openly shown them off when the chance arises. However, chances are most people think of James Dean and his beautiful silver 550 Spyder with a red leather interior. How cool was that? Do you think he still has it?


So, what is the allure of a Porsche with a red interior? Everything it says about the owner. The look of luxury and power suits Porsches so well and seemingly Porsche owners think luxury and power suit them too.

There is also no getting around the fact that a silver Porsche with red interior looks absolutely phenomenal. A red leather interior is comfy, stylish, and does everything you could want an interior to do. What isn’t the allure of a Porsche with red interior?

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